The Beach Wheelchair Freedom Trax is here

It is a sunny day outside, and the wind is blowing to sweep away all your stress. One cannot simply afford to miss this opportunity and not venture outdoors to explore nature. If you have ever visited a beach in your manual wheelchair, you must be aware of the fact that wheels and sand don’t mix. You need unconventional equipment out there to make your beach visit in your wheelchair smooth.

The FT2 beach wheelchair for sale by Freedom Trax provides a fitting wheelchair that is designed to traverse not only on sand but also on snow, mud, and gravel. Freedom Trax is your one-stop solution for the ultimate beach mobility device.

Offering a unique design, the Freedom Trax FT2 is a lightweight, rugged, and versatile motor track system. With a comfortable chair to sit in, it is portable and can be used conveniently for off-road mobility. So the next time when you are planning to go to a beach for a vacation, don’t forget to get your Freedom Trax to make the most out of your trip.

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