Uttermost Convenience with Beach Wheelchairs for Sale by Freedom Trax

With summer just around the corner, a vast number of individuals are arranging for their outings to the beach. People with different mobility are no different. Previously, a conventional manual wheelchair was unable to provide the required flexibility to those with disabilities. But with this highly serviceable “beach wheelchairs for sale,” people with movement limitations can be basking in the sun.

Freedom Traxs is working tirelessly to enhance access to beaches through various activities. The Freedom Trax model incorporates exceptional wheelchairs that can be efficiently utilized for sand excursions. Despite the reasonable cost, it is an excellent quality product . With an adjustable width for wheels, it comes with the unique feature of smooth assembly and disassembly along with a Lithium-Ion battery that keeps it performing for hours at a stretch.

The accessibility provided by a beach wheelchair is unmatched, and hence, it is a widely-appreciated product for the mobility-challenged populace. To enjoy the sunny beaches and have fun with your families in the breeze of the sea, reach out to us now to get your Freedom Trax today.

Freedom Trax Off-Road Wheelchair – For the Adventure Enthusiast inside You!

People with limited mobility due to an injury or a health condition can find navigating difficult terrains a tough proposition. This happens because the standard manual wheelchairs on the market are not competent enough – they are usually designed to help you move around in your house or on flat hard surfaces only.. The best ones might as well help you go out shopping or eat out in a restaurant nearby.

Unlike most electric wheelchairs that are not intended to be your all terrain and all weather navigating partners, Freedom Trax is an off-road wheelchair attachment for your manual chair with the power and control to navigate the toughest of terrains, including snow, sand, mud, and gravel.

So, if you were looking for an off-road wheelchair for sale that can help you get to your adventure, Freedom Trax is the one for you. It is designed to help the toughest people pursue their passions even when they may be faced with challenges.

While speed and range will vary depending on how the wheelchair is utilized and in what conditions, Freedom Trax will still offer you industry’s best speed and range. The next-generation joystick is just a bonus. Having control of your wheelchair is crucial to navigating tough terrains, and Freedom Trax offers all the power you need.

Looking For Adaptive Surfing Wheelchair? Freedom Trax Can Help!

How can an independent, adventurous, and water-loving soul not go out to surf on a beautiful day? After all, there’s so much more to do at the beach than sit and watch the day pass by. If you are a regular adaptive surfer; you would know that there are a few challenges that come in the way of great surfing experience. If in the past, you may have struggled a lot to move in the sand, let alone enjoy surfing, it would be beneficial if you switch to an adaptive surfing wheelchair.

Investing in specifically designed wheelchairs by Freedom Trax will help you make way not only on sand, but also on snow, mud, and gravel. Catering to the diverse beach mobility device requirements of its clients since inception, Freedom Trax is a leading name that many rely on to buy lightweight, rugged, and comfortable wheelchairs that work exceptionally well on beach outings.

Backed by a vast array of beach mobility devices, Freedom Trax is the ultimate online spot widely relied on for buying FT1 (motorized wheelchair track attachment), FT2 (motorized track system), FT Pro Pack, and FT Backup Battery. You also can place your trust in Freedom Trax to make your adaptive beach experience unparalleled.

So, it’s time you finish your search. Go ahead and explore Freedom Trax’s online store for your adaptive surfing wheelchair options and make the perfect choice. Rest assured, going through the affordable range would provide you with an ideal product that you need to invest in within no time.

The Beach Wheelchair Freedom Trax is here

It is a sunny day outside, and the wind is blowing to sweep away all your stress. One cannot simply afford to miss this opportunity and not venture outdoors to explore nature. If you have ever visited a beach in your manual wheelchair, you must be aware of the fact that wheels and sand don’t mix. You need unconventional equipment out there to make your beach visit in your wheelchair smooth.

The FT2 beach wheelchair for sale by Freedom Trax provides a fitting wheelchair that is designed to traverse not only on sand but also on snow, mud, and gravel. Freedom Trax is your one-stop solution for the ultimate beach mobility device.

Offering a unique design, the Freedom Trax FT2 is a lightweight, rugged, and versatile motor track system. With a comfortable chair to sit in, it is portable and can be used conveniently for off-road mobility. So the next time when you are planning to go to a beach for a vacation, don’t forget to get your Freedom Trax to make the most out of your trip.

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