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 Tour Engineering and Freedom Trax

Dan and Erin Livingston are the co-founders of Freedom Trax and Tour Engineering.  Freedom Trax is a product and a brand made by Tour Engineering .   If you want to learn more about our manufacturing and prototyping business for unique products contact erin@tourengineering.com today.

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“It is giving me independence at places I didn’t think were possible.”

“The people at Freedom Trax will take great care of you.”

“It was everything I wanted: lightweight, small/compact, easy to travel with and store, don’t need a trailer or truck to transport, works in sand and mud. Most importantly it was less than half the price of any other track systems out there I could find.”

A person sitting on the wheelchair in front of beach with two children

Backed By an Amazing Support Team

Our mission is to make the world accessible, but it’s also our promise. Seek the road less traveled.

You can call us at +1 (303) 550-6268 or email at info@freedomtrax.com

Freedom Trax Pro

  • The FT1 PRO takes you everywhere you need to go.
  • An 8 mile battery range on a single charge.
  • A secure attachment system that fits on your wheelchair.
  • A water-resistant, durable design that is built for adventure.
  • All in a size that fits in a small car.
  • Portability and affordability with no transfer.

Award-Winning Design

Chicago innovations award 

We were highlighted because we made the most lightweight and easy-to-attach product on the market. Our engineers are hyper-focused on our customers and their families getting outside and off the beaten path. 

Award winning

Performance, Refined


If you feel restricted by where you can and can’t go, Freedom Trax is the solution. Freedom Trax was engineered to offer unparalleled accessibility, range, and maneuverability.

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We don't know where you're going, but we want to help you get there.